Hand Micro Yang is a subsidiary of Hand Information, focusing on Microsoft business solutions, providing the implementation of Microsoft Dynamcis 365, Azure, Power BI and other products.
We have won the Microsoft Global Dynamics Inner Circle Member Award for three consecutive years in FY15, FY16, and FY17 , and  won the Microsoft CRM, ERP, and Azure Gold Partner honors for many years.
About us

Flexible configurable industry solutions


Wealth Management          Fund  
Securities                 PE


Retail SCRM
Channel and fee control management

LTC       Petrochemical industry
After-sales service
Real Estate & Property

Real estate    Property

Other industry

Auto Parts Manufacturing Semiconductor          Medicine Internet

Member Loyalty Engine

Applicable industries: Retail, FMCG, etc.

Vyung CPQ

Applicable industries: Elevators, Automobiles, Medical equipment, Household appliances, etc.

Wealth  Management Platform

Applicable industries: Securities, Funds, Trusts  etc.

Customer storys
The number of our customers is growing at an annual rate of 30%, all over the world.

TCL communication

Unified CRM sales management platform.

Penghua Fund

Build an integrated platform for business management.

Shanghai Jahwa Build a customer-centric membership marketing management solution.

Share digital solutions and successful cases.
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Product Wealth Management Platform Member Loyalty Engine Vyung CPQ
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Financial industry solutions Wealth management fund Securities PE
Manufacturing LTC (from clue to payment) Petrochemical After-sales service
Real estate industry Estate Property
Retail industry SCRM Channel management and fee control
Other industry Automobile parts Semiconductor Industry Pharmaceutical Industry